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"Let You In" - Cate Tomlinson | Review and Press Release

Cate Tomlinson lets us inside her mind with her newest floaty pop ballad “Let You In”.

Cate taps into a new level of vulnerability with her newest longing love song. Ethereal vocals blend beautifully with a simple and vibey track. This track is youthful and shows a young perspective on love and desire, the perfect balance of alluring vocals and vulnerability. Tomlinson says “I’m so excited to share ‘Let You In’ because it’s the favorite of my songs so far, and it’s a look into who I want to be as an artist”.

About “Let You In”:

Of her newest single, “‘Let You In’ is about the very small moments you have with the person you like, when you’re second-guessing everything but pretty sure they like you back. The chorus is kind of stripped down to emphasize the moment you realize they do feel the same way, and you can finally let down your guard and trust that person.”

About Cate:

Cate Tomlinson is a 19-year-old singer, songwriter, and performing artist from San Francisco. Her music is inspired by pop, soul, and rock and roll. The young self-made artist now based out of Boston is working to develop her unique voice as an artist at Northeastern University as a Music Industry major. Continuing to explore her craft and passion, this young vocalist is bound to make waves this year.

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Press by Hannah Schneider

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