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"Let You Go" - The Satellite Station | Review

In love with someone who sees you as just a good friend, The Satellite Station releases “Let You Go” sharing the complexities of that relationship through music.

Staying close to their roots, The Satellite Station continues storytelling with its folk-inspired melodies in “Let You Go.” Filling four minutes with strong yet gentle instrumentals, the foundations of the song lures listeners into the exact scenario with The Satellite Station. Starting with piano, The Satellite Station focuses on the vocals, the storyteller building up to the bridge, inviting listeners to close their eyes and follow a rollercoaster of emotions the storyteller leads them through. At the end of each chapter, grand instrumentals act as an opportunity for inner release and reminisce. The music alone is enough to make you rethink every relationship you have held in your heart, both platonic and romantic.

The lyrics of “Let You Go” allow your imagination to follow the story. Detailed and emotional, the only way anyone can listen is with each verse playing through your mind like an old film. Loving someone who doesn't love you back is a classic theme in music; “Let You Go” doesn’t follow how that theme is typically delivered. The Satellite Station defines their love throughout each stage of the relationship, building an arc that is so personal, yet relatable. “Back then love was calling you a cab when you were running late.” Every word in this bridge is sung while holding back a wall of emotions waiting to fall. The Satellite Station’s choice to vocalize in a calm tone with sheds of heartbreak translates directly to listeners what they are living through. This bridge offers listeners a chance to look back at their relationships and pour out their own emotions during the soft harmonies in the chorus.

“Let You Go” is a summer night, "cry out everything you are holding" type of song. It's a release that empties every grudge you held, even the ones you didn't know existed.

The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Travis Rue, is the storytelling artist of The Satellite Station. Rue’s artistry lets listeners into his life, sharing all the complexities of simply being human. The indie-folk musician makes you feel every emotion in life and leaves you wondering about the meaning behind that very experience.

Written by YooJin Son

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