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‘Lay Low’ by Icon South x Legacy is Bringing the Perfect End of Summer Vibes

‘Lay Low’ is a vibey rap song that just is groovy. It's one of those songs you would here and instantly vibe to.

"Icon South teams up with New Boyz member Legacy who is responsible for the Platinum hit song 'You're a Jerk' and the 'Jerkin' movement. This is an introductory track to both of their new projects."

Produced by Icon South, this song has him singing the hook & includes Legacy from the Hip Hop Duo, New Boyz who are responsible for the Platinum song ' You're a Jerk' and the 'Jerkin' Movement. Icon South is fresh off producing Trippie Redd's 'I Tried Loving' from his latest project- A Love Letter to You 3.

Icon South:

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Drake Rodriguez is professionally known as Icon South. He is a DJ/Music Producer/Singer-Songwriter that lives in Los Angeles. Icon South is known for his diverse range of products that includes EDM, Hip Hop, Pop and anything in between. While he is an emerging talent, Icon South is mostly known for producing Trippie Redd's hit single 'I Tried Loving' from Trippie's latest project- A Love Letter to You 3.

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