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"Lately - Tre. Charles |Review

Tre. Charles gives us a very intimate look into his struggle with mental health and overthinking on his new single “Lately.”

The song starts out with a sample taken from one of his therapy sessions, which exhibits the artists’ vulnerability and gives some insight into his struggles. The song has a warm yet moody undertone, reflecting Tre. Charles’s internal battle to navigate today’s social media landscape, which has unfortunately become a breeding ground for comparing oneself to others and trying to keep up.

The soulful R&B sound of the song provides a comforting backdrop to the message of the song. “Lately.” gives an accurate representation of the strife that comes with self-awareness, a very important thing to normalize in today’s society.

“Lately.” will be included in Tre. Charles’s upcoming debut EP which will be released at the end of March titled Currently. Tre. Charles is a singer-songwriter with a blend of alternative and R&B influences. He grew up along the East Coast, moving from city to city, which gave him exposure to a variety of cultures, which influences his current music, which honors his nomadic upbringing.

Written by Laurel Ayuyao

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