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"Last Call" - Dance Yourself Clean |Review

Get ready to dance the night away with “Last Call”, an electro-pop hit coming to you from Dance Yourself Clean. The vibes of this song are sure to match any night out you have coming up.

If you have been craving that slight tropical tinge to danceable electronic music, look no further. “Last Call” should be the last song played before the dance floor closes for the night, or maybe the first since it just gets the party going. If you wanted a song to transport you to the dance floor to spin jump and bounce like you are in your own music video - this is your song of the summer.

Lyrics - infectious, vocals - powerful and demanding, vibes - top tier!

The indie band from Seattle that is now based out of Los Angeles. Dance Yourself Clean started as an indie dance party and then became North America’s first touring dance party. After moving to Los Angeles, Dance Yourself Clean started their own record label, Lights & Music Collective, where they produce music for themselves and others. Now, Dance Yourself Clean releases several originals as well as remixes.

I love this song so much because it’s the ultimate party song. It gets you hyped up and ready for a night out with your friends. I can imagine listening to this song while getting ready for a night out or it playing during last call. “Last Call” is definitely getting added to my “Night Out” playlist for sure.

Review By Casper Barbour x Hannah Schneider

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