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“Last Bus in the A.M.” - Bestfriend | Review

“Last Bus in the A.M.” by Bestfriend is a lovely, lofi pop song that makes nostalgia sound so beautiful.

The production and delicate piano notes create an ethereal atmosphere full of hope. Lighthearted synths weave together the artists’ beautiful harmonies. There is a hint of innocence in their vocals as the nostalgic lyrics recall one drunken night experience while someone is waiting for the last bus, and observing someone fight to regain their ex’s love. This leads to deep lyrics contemplating how “familiarity is a hell of a drug” and confusion at how “everyone’s got a handle on their emotional fits.” During the chorus the song becomes upbeat and catchy. At the end, the song fades out leaving listeners smiling at the sound of the delicate synths.

Indie pop duo Bestfriend is the culmination of two young artists joining forces to create music from thousands of miles apart. They are known for their ethereal-bordering-on-experimental pop music. Bestfriend was formed over Instagram DM’s in August of 2018. After years of independent musical growth, Stacy Kim (on the West Coast) and Kaelan Geoffrey (on the East Coast) met briefly in person through a mutual friend, bonding over their common use of an MPK MIDI keyboard. They almost cheekily named the group “Slack” after the workplace app they used to send many gigabytes of .wav files back and forth. Their 2019 single “Running” has reached over 9,000 streams on Spotify.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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