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“La La Land” - Mikoh | Review

“La La Land” by Mikoh is a dark pop song that is powerful enough to rescue us from the superficial world of social media, and bring us back to reality.

Mikoh combines her sweet, clear tone with eerie piano notes and production sounds. There’s an echo that puts a dark twist on her innocent-sounding vocals. The song as a whole is Mikoh’s interpretation of how social media impacts our culture. Indeed we all “pay the price of living in La La Land” with anxiety and insecurities. The unique beat and addicting melody carry the message home in a really pleasing way.

Mike is a French Canadian, self-proclaimed dark pop songstress who creates music with the intention of connecting with her audience. She aims to inspire her listeners to reflect on the more difficult aspects of life with her personable and heartfelt lyrics. She describes her sound as a happy medium between songs you wished you’d heard after going out last night and ones you listen to before falling asleep in the early morning.



Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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