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“Kiss You” - Belot | Review

“Kiss You” works exceptionally as an upbeat song with a relaxed and carefree attitude.

The rhythm and instrumentals work in harmony keeping a steady and engaging beat, while also keeping the lyrics at the forefront. It evokes the feeling of roller skating on a boardwalk during a hot summer day, that mix of easygoing fun with a side of risky edge. Belot’s voice has a unique and memorable quality to it that stays fresh in the listener’s mind long after listening.

The lyrics articulate a story of longing and missed opportunities. It follows the protagonist who wishes to kiss their crush, but they are perpetually kept at arm’s length. Although the pain of being sidelined is quite real, the protagonist is still willing to accept a kiss from their object of affection. This type of story is very relatable because many people have experienced the same rush of emotions. Infatuations, insecurities, secret pinings, all of these feelings are present in “Kiss You” all while maintaining its energetically trendy beat.

Belot is a 21 year old Londener who is eager to bring her own authentic, tongue in cheek pop music to the world. On the subject of how she regarded her fresh brand in the pop genre, she remarked, “I am happy to be confrontational and direct. I try to write stories with the honesty of a best friend, not embarrassed to come across as frightened and awkward.” Relatable, honest, and quirky, Belot is on the road to carve out a name for herself in the pop genre.

Review by Hannah Silverman

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