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Kid Bloom, Bahari, Smoke Season| Concert Coverage

Unheard Gems went back to Kid Bloom. After Ari saw the group open for The Neighborhood in LA the band had their own headlining show were our newest addition to our photography team, Laura, was in attendance.

The concert began with Bahari, an all girl band that started their set under blue lights. Throughout their set they exuded a sense of playfulness but confidence as well. Overall, their vibe was tranquil and groovy. Look for an Unheard Gems interview with Bahari coming soon.

Smoke Season came out next with their entire band and setup clad in red. Gabrielle was electric running up and down the stage and even into the crowd at one point. This might have been my favorite band of the night.

Finally, Kid Bloom came out. What I really loved most about this band was that it genuinely looked like they were having a great time performing. The lead singer was smiling and laughing at points during the set which made the whole crowd smile as well.

The venue was small and very intimate to the point where people could stand right up at the stage and interact with the bands. It made for a very special and personal feeling performance.

Photography Credit:


Written by: Laura Epperson and Hannah Schneider

Edited by: Hannah Schneider

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