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Kehli - "Lose U Now" | Review

This electro pop jam is a vibe, pure and simple. With an exciting EDM vibe to it, you can't help but move.

The track is accompanied by synth stabs, risers, exciting percussion, and vocal chops. Kehli did a great job of putting this track together.

Looking for a summer beach anthem or a way to push away the spring showers, then this is the track for you.

Kehli feels like she's gotten to a place in her life where she wants to be more carefree in lending out a little love. This track is the perfect example of letting go. Scream it out at the top of your lungs, “I can't lose you now[!!!]”

This talented singer hails from irish descent and is a rising star in the pop scene, being featured on major radio stations such as BBC RADIO 1, Kiss FM and IRadio.

Kahli got her start at stage school where she studied music and dance. Eventually reaching world championship level. With guest appearances on X-factor and the voice, this gem is definitely on her way up.


Written by SpeakEasy

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