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Karim Tanoé Tackles the Thin Line Between Love and Hate on his New Single “Koi:Hate”

Karim Tanoé is an Ivorian London-based artist that is carving his own lane by giving listeners a sound not like anything else out there. He approaches song writing in a very analytical way while at the same time dropping memorable lines and hooks.

On his latest single Koi:Hate off his forthcoming EP entitled The Next Step, Karim Tanoé’s signature charisma is in full effect. He does not shy away from taking a deeper look at the subject at hand. In the case of Koi:Hate (Koi meaning love in Japanese), the title alone which has a math connotation and leaves room for interpretation by the listiner. However you see it, Karim’s song is one that delves into how a simple situation can lead you down a tunnel of doubt and confusion. The song builds on the theme set in his previous project of the dreamer vs the realist. It is a perfect portrayal of how the two opposing figures can clash and create a conflict no different form water and oil.

Koi:Hate is a part of the three tracks on the EP that will tackle the theme of lust; each giving a different view of how the conflict between the dreamer and the realist sway Karim’s thoughts. Be on the lookout for The Next Step as it is set to drop this summer.

Stream the tracks on Spotify and follow Karim on Instagram.

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