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"Just Me" Estella Dawn | Review

Estella Dawn’s new single “Just Me” feels like an honest and scornful diary entry that gives the listener a vulnerable glimpse into the aftermath of a broken relationship.

Estella relatably sings about an addictive and vicious cycle of hurt and self-blame that comes with trying to give someone too many chances that they don’t deserve. While “Just Me” has a simple production, it continues to keep the listener hooked by switching up the flow, volume, and intensity throughout the song, reflecting mixed emotions and various stages of grieving a relationship. Estella Dawn masterful storytelling captivates the listener and refreshingly continues to put her own twist on modern pop.

Estella Dawn, a San Diego-based songwriter and producer, strives to transcend genres with her multi-layered compositions, fierce vocals, and original production while keeping authenticity at the forefront of her work. Estella Dawn started putting out music in 2020 amidst the tumultuous global pandemic, and has continued to release new work since then. “Just Me” is Estella’s fifth single of 2023. Estella Dawn is a talented artist that is sure to break down barriers within modern pop.

Written by Laurel Ayuyao

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