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"Just Friends" - Kidgloves | Review

“Just Friends” is Kidglove’s 4th single release. This track should be listed as his number 1 song. It’s a good one.

With instrumentals pulling from pop and rock, each note hits perfectly, all while tying into the chorus.

I listened to this track with my girlfriend on a road trip and she couldn’t stop humming the catchy tune for hours. It takes a very talented artist to make a track where someone can almost memorize it instantly.

Well done.

I want to come back to the chorus. It almost sounded like an homage to early Beatles tracks. Almost a “Yellow Submarine” vibe. It also reminded me of a rocking chair or a pendulum moving back and forth, calming in a way.

Kidgloves is based out of Los Angeles. He is a singer, songwriter, and producer - he does it all. I think Kidgloves’s bio is my favorite of all bios I have read. He says his obsessions are “ KUSC 91.5 - guyliner - and Wimbledon returns.” I can guarantee that no one, even me, could have guessed those.

Overall “Just Friends” is fantastic. I genuinely think this song could be blasting out of radios on top charts very soon. Keep it rollin’ Kidgolves.

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