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“Juliet” - Cal Maro | Review

Brooklyn bred creator Cal Maro is here with sophomore single "Juliet," inspired by Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet and follows the release of his hit single, "Bad." This genre-bending creative layers soulful melodies over head-nodding grooves, implementing dynamics of both live and electronic production into this composition.

Cal Maro returns with his new slow-burner "Juliet," a beautifully intricate follow up to his sultry single "Bad." Featuring smooth falsetto with just a tinge of grit, "Juliet" opens new doors for the R&B artist. Weaving between indie, soul, and R&B this pulsing ballad keeps you on your toes. Layered vocals accompanied by electric guitar elevate the single while beating percussion and pulsating synths bring darkness to the moody track. "Juliet" is a moving power track from Cal Maro.

On the single, he shares, "It is the quintessential romantic moment - heavy, deep, wide, fast and slow at the same time. The scene is set with all the fantasized elements in the background and movements in the foreground, alluding to some of which first invoked those feelings (Usher's 8701, Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Romeo + Juliet') when I was a boy and dreaming of what love might be like, and scored with that type of cinematic production and energy. I wanted to capture all of that at once as best I could."

The Charlotte, NC born artist grew up on music, surrounded by the classics - ranging from Michael Jackson to Fleetwood Mac. Growing up with a father who played in bands, Cal saw firsthand the importance and impact of live music and got his hands on instruments at a young age.

At around the age of 13, Cal taught himself guitar and started playing in a hardcore band while workshopping his best 'Sufjan-esque' songs. Cal experimented with his sound through playing in many bands, dabbling in hardcore, rock, folk and indie before finally stepping into his true love for groove and melody, namely soul and R&B. In 2015, he began developing his Cal Maro project.

Taking influence from artists like D'Angelo, Frank Ocean, and James Blake, Cal's sound is a rebrand of soul, bringing new energy and life to the genre.

Cal has spent the past few years performing around New York, working on new material, and collaborating as a writer, producer, and engineer on projects for other artists.




Review by Unheard Gems

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