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"Juliet (Bedroom Session)"- Cal Maro |Review

Imagine the chillest song you have ever heard in your life. This is the one. “Cal Maro” is just like a Frank Ocean track, but a tiny bit slower… maybe a little bit of Marvin Gaye in there too.

This is definitely becoming a new trend, but for the third time, I added “Juliet” to my music library.

Sometimes you just need to sit and chill.

No tv.

No talking.

Just chill and think. This song is the perfect one for that. A slight bass pairing, a slow drum, and subtle lyrics is all you need. Car Maro explained that “Juliet” is a “gorgeous slow-burner riddled with intricate melody lines, sultry falsetto, and a tinge of grit.”

The intense subtleness of this track makes you think what Cal Maro was thinking when writing the song. It’s obviously about a significant other, but who is Juliet?

I figured that she is a woman that was seen by an admirer and that person wants to get to know her but in a very emotional and deep way. It isn’t a shallow song… this is all emotion. Regarding this Cal Maro also said; “ The emotion pours out of every line in this stripped down and intimate ‘bedroom session’.” Sounds about right to me.

Call Maro describes himself as a neo-soul/alternative R&B artist and producer. He hails from Brooklyn, NY.

Who knows. Maybe we could see Cal Maro on a track with Frank Ocean in the future.

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