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“JBJ” – Juniper | Review

My brother was born four years after me. We didn’t share the same friends or attend the same schools simultaneously, but we still shared a childhood. He lives 1300 miles away from me now, and I only see him once a year or so depending on how our schedules align.

I hadn’t spoken with him in months until this past weekend. We hadn’t talked since before the lockdown. What a perfect time for me to find “JBJ,” the latest single from the Boston-based outfit, Juniper.

“JBJ” is a reflection of the transformative relationship that bonds brothers. Despite being raised in the same home, siblings aren’t always cut from the same cloth. In their song, Juniper is saying that, though their likeness can ebb and flow, their unconditional caring for one another will last forever.

Never has the first listen of a song made me feel quite so nostalgic. It played like a soundtrack to memories of my brother and I building forts on the bed and singing Eiffel 65 into our karaoke machine. It reminded me of how close we were when we were kids and how far apart we’ve become in the most cheerful way possible. The words made me smile in reminiscence.

Leading us into the first verse is an exceptional, shimmery lick that shows us, in just one second, that Juniper understands guitar tone. We’re treated to the cleanest cleans and tasteful reverb throughout the whole track. On top of the tranquilizing music are Cam Ayer’s remarkable vocals. Ayer delivers, so comfortably, a melody that actually calls contemporary Hayley Williams vibes to my mind. It’s the way the words flow like liquid amongst the hard stops and subtle yet crowd-pleasing drum fills. It’s the repetition of the main riff and the arpeggiated triad-sounding lead parts.

Juniper is composed of Scott Johnson on bass, Ahren Shreeve on guitar, Alé Marin on drums, and Cam Ayer in front with vocals. The group has been making music for a few years now, steadily connecting with more and more fans while at the same time honing their craft. They have something to say, and they’re immortalizing it in pop rock.

“JBJ” is a fun summer anthem that will put the wind in your hair on even the calmest of days. While the music brightens your spirit, it will remind you that, despite “a few bumps in the road,” your siblings will “always be there for you.”

Written by Matt Kalicky, Edited by Tatum Jenkins

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