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"It's Not You" - Roni Bar Hadas | Review

Unrequited love is a theme within music that has withstood the test of time. While you may think you’re familiar with how artists approach such a topic, Roni Bar Hadas implores you to think again. The singer/songwriter’s new song, “It’s Not You,” serves as an honest look into the desire for relationships --- or the complete lack thereof.

This song, unlike many, is from the perspective of the individual who isn’t in love; assuring their admirer that they themselves are not the problem, but rather a lifestyle of freedom is simply more attractive. Sonically, the song is an easy listen; think Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, and Regina Spektor. It houses its personality and character within its direct lyrical content, while the balanced mix of electric organ, bass, and smooth vocals make for a soft and gentle lament. The retro influences in this song are apparent as the guitar instrumental towards the end is reminiscent of a late-80s power ballad. Usually you’d hear these elements work together to garner empathy for someone who is unloved by the object of their affection --- but not here.

Bar Hadas takes a familiar, sorrowful theme and flips the script entirely. While she may be the one doing the rejecting, you still feel the pain that’s present when you know you’re breaking a heart. It’s a glimpse into the other side that we normally don’t get to see.

Bar Hadas is a multi-instrumentalist with a long history in music. The Tel Aviv singer/songwriter started as a classical singer, but had a strong desire to create her own original content. She previously worked with several bands (Foto Mariana, Daniel Rubin, Gil Bar Hadas) and is currently working on her debut solo album, titled Calm the Beast, co-produced by Zach Drory. She has found freedom and limitless creativity in her personal musical endeavors- and she is continuing to release songs from her upcoming album.

Written by Jess Ward

Edited by Tatum Jenkins

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