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"Inside Your Eyes, Without You Beside Me" - Honestly | Album Spotlight

Honestly releases Inside Your Eyes, Without You Beside Me, the evocative soundtrack to your summer 2020

To Honestly, the record is a time capsule of their summer in 2019. During that time, Winters was lost and devastated, having just gotten out of a serious relationship. Canto believed that writing music would help Winters take his mind off of the situation, and so the two began their intense songwriting process in Winters’ home studio. The duo emerged from that summer with their friendship strengthened and the birth of their first full-length album.

The album is a dynamic, yet cohesive piece of work with plenty of sonic twists and turns. The melodies, in a constant flux of tension and release, will captivate your ears while the lyrics may provoke you to reflect on your past relationships.

This record aims to share the ubiquitous experience of heartbreak: love, pain, longing, acceptance, and happiness - all the while sharing unique yet comparable soundscapes to contemporary artists like joan, The Ivy, The Millennial Club, and THE WLDLFE.

“This album is a reflection of the tallest peaks and deepest valleys of human vulnerability and falling in love. It is also a testament to the value of friendship to pull you from those valleys. It’s about feeling euphoria, feeling bad, then trying to feel better.” -Eric Canto

“‘Inside Your Eyes, Without You Beside Me’ is a poetic audiobook with a soundtrack. This album spans the entire spectrum of the emotions involved in falling in love and subsequently feeling loss and emptiness. We were honest and raw in our words, and [the album] so well represents who we are as musicians, friends, and humans. We’re proud of what we pulled together and excited about the future.” -Dalton Winters

East coast duo Honestly, composed of Eric Canto and Dalton Winters, released their debut full-length album Inside Your Eyes, Without You Beside Me. The 10-track album is an eclectic fusion of electropop, 00’s R&B, 90’s emo rock, and 80’s new wave, embodying themes of youth, love, and heartbreak.

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