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“Inside My Head” - Holly Wild | Review

You’re going to want this song Inside Your Head all day. Holly Wild voices her inner dialogue on heartbreak and struggle in her melodic and honest song, “Inside My Head.”

Australian-based artist Holly Wild draws you into her song with the steady motion of the guitar and leads you on a journey in her own mind. Holly revisits past mistakes, regrets, and desires through her lyrics but doesn’t linger on her history. Her strong and full voice takes the lead in this song wrapping the listener in a warm blanket of striking vocals.

Holly’s relationship with music stems from a childhood enveloped in it. Growing up amongst the sweet ballads of Roy Orbison and the rock hits of the 1960’s and ‘70’s, Indie-rock-and-pop singer Holly was raised on all the right foundations to be a strong and passionate artist. Her music reflects the things she holds close as she draws inspiration from her love of nature, her spiritual outlook on life, and need for deep connection. The fullness of her life is reflected in her great sound.

Holly Wild’s song “Inside Your Head” is a fantastic piece by a fantastic artist. If you’re looking for a new artist to follow, look no further.

Review by Brigid McCormack

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