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OREN creates a relatable dark electropop soundscape that just completely takes over you.

IN YOUR HEAD gives the initial sultry tone that lulls you into an introspective space. The chorus? It hits with a punch of everything you need with infectious pop.

OREN says "This song is about someone trying to talk themselves out of a nervous breakdown."

OREN, do you want to be my internal dialog? I think it might help. The lyrics are incredibly self-aware. It feels like a mantra "it's in your head". That breaking of the over-analytical cyclical nature of anxiety. I love that you can hear the clear electronic influence in the track but it doesn't become a dance track, it shows a lot of artistry to strike that balance.

LA-based Pop act OREN draws on the soundscapes of the cities that built him. Having lived in Tel Aviv, NYC, and Miami, OREN blends these environments into a futuristic dark-pop sound, crafting his songs with deep electronic bass, pulsating percussion, and powerful R&B-inspired vocals.

Growing up gay in a traditional Moroccan-Jewish household, OREN often leans into the influences of his heritage while also exploring the sense of “otherness” he’s experienced in his life. Through it all, OREN is on an ever-evolving search for purpose and love. His music, which he writes and co-produces, expresses the unintended lust and longing that occurs as a result. 2022 is the year to watch for OREN as he plans to release new singles monthly to his growing international fan base.

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