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“In the Water” - Pedro Casas | Review

There is no stronger sensation than pain whether it be emotional or physical. Some people are lucky enough to have the support to work through it, and others feel forced to turn to forms of escape. The indie rock song, “In the Water” by Pedro Casas describes battling some of those escapes including substance abuse and the fear of open water.

Pedro Casas begins the song with soft guitar notes and calming synths to create a mellow vibe. It’s almost relaxing, with hints of sorrow in his breathy but unique vocals.

Then, it crescendos into powerful bass, drums, and ethereal vocalization. As it decrescendos there’s an interlude of an eerie synth sound that sounds like a wire twang. Pedro Casas’ voice then takes over the spotlight in sweet collaboration with soft guitar notes. He showcases a great range with stunning high notes. The song continues to crescendo and decrescendo in a dramatic and pleasing fashion. Everytime the bass and chorus return, they create a muffled, underwater sound that carries the message of the song in a compelling way. This is the second song from Pedro’s EP “Moby’s Hound.”

Pedro Casas is an indie singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. His music often depicts the struggles and emotions that result from growing up as part of the LGBT community but being raised in current western society. His songs encompass themes of disconnection, modern relationships, and emotional escape in all of its forms. He is also studying for his masters degree in Artificial Intelligence. His research focused on the application of neural networks to the creation of new sounds, and his upcoming EP will incorporate this technology.



Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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