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"In the Mirror" - Benedikt | Review

Benedikt’s sophomore album is here. The Norwegian 9 piece orchestra, led by Hans Olav Settem, has returned to bless us with 11 new tracks of vibey atmospheric bliss, my favorite being the lead single “In the Mirror.”

I find this track so interesting because lyrically, I feel immensely sad and isolated listening to it. Lines like “the found you in a river/when you die you never shiver/you’re alone” and “I am Malcolm in the Middle/I’m alone” match the feel of the orchestration, but the fast paced drum pattern kicks it into a different space, one that reads nostalgia more than depression, and puts the track in a league of its own.

The fact that this band produces such strong visual elements to accompany their tracks only makes me love them more. They’re artists, they’re dancers, they’re musicians, they’re best friends. And who can make more powerfully honest music than that?

Written by Sydne Broady

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