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“In the Dark”- Post Modern Connection | Review

An absolute ride of a tune, Post Modern Connection manages to take every moment of the song to the next level with the instrumentation.

The song would have you dancing if you took away half of the added sounds but with the electric and vintage aspects coming together in a symphony it has you wondering what exactly you’re listening to but in the best way possible. The listen over-and-over again kind of way to see what you may have missed on the first listen. It’s obvious that they’re skilled but they’re determined to prove it to you in a million different ways for a little over four minutes.

The vocals have a kind of jazzier King Krule aspect to them, the music takes you from the beachy indie sounds of Her’s and Cayucas to Durand Jones & The Indications. It’s a song that has you itchy to see them live to see how exactly they can pack so much heat into something so short. It’s an entire jam session brought to you in a single. It’s a live music experience brought into your headphones swiftly and smoothly that gets your legs to tap, your head to sway and once it’s over, you’re just going to do it all over again.

By Amanda Collins

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