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"In the Car" - Otracami |Review

Sung in a dreamy voice that makes every single word sound like a lullaby, Otracami’s “In the Car” is a stunning tune that will appeal to all lovers of bedroom pop.

As the debut single for Camila Ortiz’s new project, “In the Car” feels like a long-lost Mitski song with its own identity. It’s not hard to close your eyes and visualize this soothing performance as the background ambience of a local coffee chain.

With lyrics like “kissing you with an eye on the door / never sure what I’m waiting for,” Otracami acknowledges the everlasting anxieties of the dating world that have seemingly worsened during the pandemic. This recognition becomes especially meaningful for listeners who can’t express their feelings in their own words.

At the same time, “In the Car” speaks to the relief of solitude that people are experiencing as social distancing becomes less and less of the new norm. Otracami’s songwriting doesn’t hold back by saying “the only time that I could ever really be alone / was after dropping everybody off at home.”

While brilliantly incorporating car alarms to pull listeners out of their own environment into the contained space of a vehicle, Otracami’s debut single builds up to a polished crescendo before ending abruptly that may sound jarring from a first listen, but aligns perfectly with the artistic vision of “In the Car.”

Review by Lauren Peterson

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