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"If You Come Back" - reider.wav - review

reider.wav is no stranger to the toying of emotions that come with an on-again-off-again relationship situation. In his new indie pop song, “If You Come Back”, he chronicles the rollercoaster of emotions that come with such a relationship.

“If You Come Back” is ingeniously full of juxtaposition at every turn. On one hand, the lyrics are full of doubt, asking if this is what’s truly meant for him, and questioning his love interest’s true feelings. On the other hand, the song is full of fun and bouncy electronic sounds and beats, demonstrating how such a doubtful arrangement can still be full of excitement and fun (even if it’s not so healthy. But hey, we’ve all been there.) The song itself, only at 2-minutes and 20-seconds long, represents how short-lived each phase of these relationships are. One minute you’re together, the next you’re not, but then you’re back together again before you even know it. This is a track with no accidents– every facet of it is thought out and executed exactly how it should be.

The instrumentals on “If You Come Back” err more on the side of experimental, while still following traditional pop music standards, creating a new yet familiar listening experience. Sonically, this genre-bending tune is right at the intersection of the feel-good, synthy sound of Dayglow and the infectious beats of Surf Mesa. Yet, it would be oversimplifying to say that it sounds like either one of those acts. While Dayglow is very polished and sleek, “If You Come Back” has a scratchier edge to its sound, creating an almost retro feel, like you’re listening to it on a vintage tape deck.

reider.wav has two EPs out now, the first being Vermillion– a four-song excursion through a variety of electronic soundscapes– and the latest being HI VIS, which was released earlier this year. In HI VIS, we hear more familiar indie pop-esque songs with more of a focus on lyricism and storytelling, while never abandoning his knack for unique listening experiences. reider.wav is a mysterious figure in music, having a minimalistic approach to his social media presence. The best way to get to know him? Streaming HI VIS.

Written by Jess Ward

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