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“If I’m On Your Mind” – Pixia | Review

A song means more to its listeners when it can transport them into a scene. An artist that can place an audience within their story will form a connection and capture their hearts. To achieve this, it takes poeticism, aesthetics, and an undeniable cinematic flavor. “If I’m On Your Mind” is the latest single from British singer/songwriter Pixia, and it’s an intriguing jaunt through a blurry evening in a candlelit apartment laced with tension and repressed passion. The song forges a striking dichotomy of desirous lyrics over an ominous soundscape. It dives into the depths of the singer’s soul while maintaining memorable, mainstream appeal.

Pixia is totally tapped into the sonic style that makes her music so magnetic. From the punch of the bass to the palm-muted guitar tone—the song’s production serves its vibe perfectly. The synth parts are mellotron-esque, and that shapes its haunting mood. The songwriting is enchanting—it feels delicate yet dangerous. Its story is matter-of-fact yet alludes to a heavier narrative. She knows what to put where when it comes to pairing lyrics with melody. The Db she hits in the hook is one of the song’s biggest standout moments. The track is smooth and dreamy, but there’s also this gothic quality to it—reminiscent of older, alt-rock bands like Placebo or The Cure.

Pixia is a dream-pop prodigy. “If I’m On Your Mind” is the first single from her upcoming EP, and its spirit promises an album full of distinctive, dark triumphs. Getting her start songwriting for a band, uploading YouTube covers, and crafting home recordings in her Leeds apartment, Pixia has amassed 14k+ Instagram followers and 5k+ YouTube subscribers. Her new music will be a gift to her ever-growing fan base.

“If I’m On Your Mind” is the kind of song an artist could have great success negotiating a sync licensing deal with. It would be perfectly placed within any number of television shows of varying genres. Pixia has found her footing with this new single and established her niche. Her voice makes it so believable—not just her performance, but her timbre. The track is bound to stay on the minds of both old fans and new listeners alike.

Written by Matt Kalicky

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