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"If I Had Only Known" - Yoji | Review

Neo-Soul vocals meets singer songwriter lyrics in a beautiful love song called "If I Had Only Known" by Yoji.

The desire to know the outcome is so strong in everyone. I think we all want spoilers and the harder we fight them the more we secretly want them. The same goes for love and people in your life. If you knew someone amazing was going to walk into your life 2 years 253 days and 3 hours from now...would you wait till then? Yoji beautiful sings about this feeling of wishing she had known so she wouldn't necessarily have gone down a more complicated path in the meantime.

This song is inspired by the beauty of hindsight. Yoji felt moved to write this song after having a break though moment when reflecting back on a troubled path. Yoji realised that all of her experiences lead her to where she is right now. ‘If I had Only Known’ is mainly vocal lead playing with harmonies and developing them sonically as the track progresses. Yoji recorded this song herself during her time at Goldsmiths and performs the piano parts on a Nord. Barnabas Poffley mixed this track with an experimental modern flair. Yoji aims to bring her listeners a sense of hope that better things are always yet to come.

Born in London and later raised in Suffolk, Yoji is a soulful pop singer, pianist and has won songwriting awards such as Fame Music & Coffee House Sessions, iluvlive and Vodafone Future Breakers. Recent highlights include performing at the O2 Arena as a support act for Kool & The Gang at the Electric Soul Festival run and regularly performing in the West End. During lockdown Yoji performed live on BBC Radio 4 Today Show and this month Yoji has made two national BBC Introducing Mix Tapes including The Hot List & The Drive Home From Glastonbury.

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