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“I Won’t Be The One” - Aoife| Review

In relationships, platonic and/or romantic, there comes a time where we all have come to terms that we cannot be someone’s savior.

That feeling is exactly what Aoife speaks to in her song, “I Won’t Be The One.” Aoife gives us a blend of sounds with this track. We start off with a feeling of modern alternative pop (think Billie Ellish) and mixes with a rock aspect closer to the end.

“I Won’t Be The One” is the third track on her latest EP when all is said and done and I could not recommend it more. Aoife has a voice that sounds both new yet familiar at the same time. You can tell the Canadian-born singer puts so much emotion and caring into her music, which turns the sometimes uncomfortable themes of growth into an almost dream-like escape.

With strong vocals and dreamy instrumentals to match, Aoife is definitely an artist to have in your mix.

Written by: Gabrielle France

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