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'I Think I Do' - Ghostcake |Review

‘I Think I Do’ is more than a song- it is one piece of the puzzle that is Ghostcake as a whole. Ghostcake as an artist, aims to create a sonic, dream-pop wonderland- a world the audience can truly escape to.

‘I Think I Do’ uses a captivating collection of sounds, ranging from distorted synths to video game-like bells and chimes, all of which contribute to the listening experience presented through this track. This is the kind of music that teleports you- it takes you from the place you are to a place you have never been, and where you don’t want to leave. Ghostcake balances simplicity and complexity well and creates a sound that is intricate, without being overwhelming.

‘I Think I Do’ is versatile, creating the perfect background music to study or work to, and also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the sounds around you when listening to this song. It is Ghostcake’s most recent single, and precursor to a six-track EP release, which can be expected sometime in April of 2024. At its core, “I Think I Do’ is a portal into the mesmerizing world of Ghostcake, a world I strongly encourage anyone to explore.

Written By: Julia Brennan

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