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“I Need an Adult” - Nette |Review

Canadian artist and producer Nette released “I Need an Adult” on July 7th, 2023. Nette uses her sultry vocals and optimistic yet vulnerable perspective to outline how many 20-somethings feel about the tumultuous experience of growing up.

Starting with a sensitive pairing of percussion and a bright electric guitar riff, the relaxed yet energetic pop anthem outlines the dream life that has universally become the pinnacle of success: although in reality, Nette reveals that a perfect life “wrapped up in a bow” is a lot harder to obtain than previously anticipated. Feeling the frustration and pressures of the multiple responsibilities and expectations adults have to uphold, Nette longs for the comfort of someone seemingly older and having “figured it out” to guide her. Through the repetition of “I need an adult, wait, am I an adult?” Nette realizes that she is solely responsible for herself and feels isolated in this belief. She is the adult she is seeking, and is coming to terms with that fact.

The thought that everyone else in her age group is excelling is just as true as the narrative of being lost in your 20s. Although, with a heavy topic and ample room for loneliness, “I Need an Adult” swings in a light hearted and tender emotional space. A perfect song to play when you’re done listening to music to find comfort in sadness, Nette provides a breath of fresh air to a feeling of doubt. A catchy, relatable tune, this summer pop experience is a friend to all, especially for those who are the most alone.

Written by Allie Witek.

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