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"I Look Better In Your Clothes" - Sandy Marie|Review

Sandy Marie released her latest single “I Look Better in Your Clothes” on January 25, 2023.

The track starts with a slow and eerie melody, with Marie’s hypnotic vocals and lyrics “run, run, back back back to the woods, we weren’t even close anyways, and I look better in your clothes anyway”, which is repeated throughout the song. This electro pop song, albeit under 3 minutes, has a long and lasting effect on the listener even after just a short listen. This new single is a huge contrast in comparison to Sandy’s last release in 2021 “Heavy Hearted”. Within a short 2 years, you can tell the difference in Marie’s overall vibe and aura she is projecting with the new song. I would recommend this track to those who are listeners of Lorde and Tove lo.

The Canadian singer dropped her second single after 2 years, “Heavy Hearted” being released in October 2021. Marie describes her new single “I Look Better in Your Clothes” as one that came out of her own personal friendships she has lost and said that it was “inspired from old teenage memories where I found myself around fake people, lies, and meaningless conversations”. The overall message that I received from the tune was that even when there are others who try to tear you down, you can always come out of the situation as the bigger person. I thoroughly enjoyed this refreshing track and am intrigued to see what Sandy Marie releases next.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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