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“I Like You” - Harry Strange | Review

Maybe it’s a Gen Z freak out response when we “relate” to something to squawk or maybe that’s just my response. When I tell you I cooed over how precious this track was I am not exaggerating. I have never heard a song and felt like I had told that story before.

Harry Strange brings listeners a fun bedroom lo-fi pop track that ranges from soft and sleepy to full-on driving blasting music down the freeway intense. It’s the feeling of liking someone a lot and not knowing how to react embodied in a song! I loved reading Strange’s pitch “a song for a boy I like”...well, Harry, that boy is so lucky to make you feel that way. I know the whole process of meeting someone is totally swayed by the global pandemic we are still fighting, so many people I know have resorted to the internet to meet people for friends or love or who knows what else. I know I have even made friends via the internet in these times. I know this feeling too, the wanting to be with someone but maybe not because all you know is you like them so much and just want to keep them in your life but it is kind of hard to tell where their head is. This track captures that feeling in a real and raw way and, who knows, I might passively send it to someone and see if they catch the hint one day if I get that feeling.

Harry Strange is a 23-year-old London based artist, who captures your attention with his unprecedented approach to pop music. Effortlessly interweaving resonant singer/songwriter-esque lyricism with absorbingly dynamic production, Harry Strange has made a name for himself as an intriguingly innovative and exciting artist.

After emerging in 2017 with his captivating debut single “Back Around”, Strange has continually evolved his sound without ever losing the intimacy and frankness of his earlier material. His 2019 concept EP ‘Crying at the Party’ explored the highs and lows of being a uni student and it soon gained acclaim from Atwood Magazine, Euphoria and BBC Introducing in the West, where ‘Six Feet Under’ was their Track of the Week.

More recently Strange unveiled his sophomore EP 'Something, Hold On' which gained press from the likes of Earmilk hailing it as “a slice of pop genius.” Having already sold out headline shows in both London and Bristol, plus supporting artists such as Zak Abel, Dizzy and LYRA, it’s evident that even in the relative infancy of his career his talent and energizing live show hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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