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“I just wanna love you now.” - Oren Levin | Review

Oren Levin is an artist that genuinely has me getting excited. “I just wanna love you now” is a sweet and introspective track about falling in love.

Love is such a push and pull and sorting out your priorities and feelings can be a messy part of that journey. Oren Levin captures this feeling so beautifully in this song. The desire to just skip to the part where you can be in love and forget the rest in the face of trying to realize your own patterns and hesitations around fully falling.

It feels like you’re stumbling upon a real up and coming gem with his music. With just 3000 monthly listeners we recommend getting on the bandwagon so you can be the cool friend who recommends him to your friends. I feel like Levin is carving out a space with the likes of Max Drazen, Hastings, and Aiden Bissett set apart by his more introspective and soft styling.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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