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“i got a boy” by Hendri |Review

“i got a boy” by Hendri is an alt-pop banger that should be added to your “new music” playlists and even your “summertime” playlists. “i got a boy” is the ideal song to put you in the mood to dance at a party, and even for celebrating a relationship with someone.

This catchy track starts off with a funky bassline that was actually played by Hendri’s “boy,” Michael. The sound of a clap alongside the bass throughout the song will get your head banging and foot tapping. Hendri’s voice is also very strong and sultry. I really enjoyed listening to her voice on the bridge of this track because of how heavenly her head voice / falsetto is. Something else I enjoyed was hearing the bass play the same melody as the vocal line in the verses.

“i got a boy” features the topic of being happy in a relationship. It’s refreshing to listen to a song that celebrates love. With lyrics for example, “I got a boy / Real smart one / Knows what I enjoy,” Hendri is sharing that her partner knows her well.

Lauren Gerrish also known as “Hendri” is a singer/songwriter from Boston, but now living in Los Angeles. Besides “i got a boy,” Hendri has other songs in her discography including, “Drunk With My Friends,” and “Wasting My Time.” When Hendri isn’t writing and singing, she is also modeling and acting.

Written by, Erika Isaacs

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