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“I Feel Too Much” -Dance Yourself Clean |Review

Everyone has a lot of feelings at times, especially when it comes to the person you’re dating and being away from them. Dance Yourself Clean is back with another single that encapsulates those emotions perfectly. “I Feel Too Much,” the latest single from the Los Angles-based indie band came out June 17, 2022.

Dance Yourself Clean started as an indie dance party and quickly became North America’s first touring dance party. After moving to Los Angeles from Seattle, Dance Yourself Clean started their own record label, Lights and Music Collective, where they now produce songs like their newest single “I Feel Too Much,” as well as songs for other artists. The band is known for releasing several catchy songs as well as remixes of other songs.

The opening line of the song: “I feel too much when you’re not around,” hits hard for those of us with big emotions. This line is quickly followed by “If it’s true love, you should show up this time,” almost as if to say “come back and be here with me.” These words are echoed throughout the song, making the listener want someone back they didn’t even realize they were missing.

Personally, I love Dance Yourself Clean and “I Feel Too Much,” for several reasons. The band constantly makes catchy releases that you can quite literally dance yourself clean with. The electro-pop vibes of “I Feel Too Much,” are perfect for a night out of dancing but they also relay a deeper message. Overall, Dance Yourself Clean is a great group that consistently puts out great singles, and “I Feel Too Much,” is no exception.

Review Done By Casper Barbour

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1 Comment

Toby Davis
Toby Davis
Jul 28, 2022

Great track!

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