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"I" - Elly Kace | Review

Have you said your daily affirmations today? If not, let Elly Kace guide you through them with her new whimsical song “I”.

The word that comes to my mind when I listen to “I” is “colorful”. It’s an atmospheric soundscape that is full of so much positive energy, I can only imagine this is what the inside of Van Gogh’s Starry Night sounds like. Its abstract, flowing song structure is cathartic and easing-- perfect for relaxation, meditation, and reflection. Though this song builds over time, it never reaches a climax in the way we’re used to in pop music; there’s no instant gratification here. Think of it like The Archer by Taylor Swift, meandering down rivers and venturing down unpaved paths, but here it symbolizes how life isn’t one straight road, it’s a full journey with an entire map to explore.

Kace has an extensive opera background, and I admittedly don’t have the vocabulary to even begin touching on her angelic voice and its range. I will say, however, that her vocal tone and expression is one that you’re not used to hearing in this context, but is more than welcome. It’s refreshing to hear a voice in pop that goes against the grain, and is especially enchanting when two completely different genres meld together so naturally like this. Kace is challenging what we know about pop as a genre as she challenges us to let go of any preconceived ideas about opera-- the two can coexist quite beautifully in surprising ways.

When you think of a “feel-good” song, what comes to mind? An uptempo, dance-y bop that will have you screaming the lyrics all night? Most likely. But guess what? Kace is here to challenge that too. “I” is literally created to make you feel like your best self with powerful affirmations etched into the lyrics, and hypnotic harmonies that are guaranteed to raise your vibrations.

Elly Kace’s operatic voice has won her awards and taken her across the globe, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, she needed a creative outlet. She began writing and writing and writing until she had a collection of songs that would become her latest album, Nothing I see means anything, titled after the book A Course in Miracles. “I feel like a completely different person,” she writes. “Even though getting this honest took a lot of suffering and self awareness, going through that made me see reality more clearly. I've learned a lot and I hope it enables others to go there too.” Nothing I see means anything is set to release on November 19, 2021.

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