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"I Don't Wanna Fight Anymore" - Similar Kind |Review

Explaining their humble beginnings as “a few friends jamming in a garage,” Similar Kind maintains these same vibes by contrasting an upbeat melody with unhappy lyrics like “Labels don't feel right anymore / I'm only waiting painfully” on their latest single.

Even if they’re not the first indie pop band to pioneer this sound, Similar Kind truly embraces it with ease. Despite being a family-friendly track, “I Don’t Want To Fight Anymore” doesn’t feel like it’s being hindered from its emotional potential as the singer openly channels her frustration. It’s exactly the kind of angst that has made a recent resurgence among female singers like Avril Lavigne, Olivia Rodrigo, and Gayle.

With these stylistic qualities in mind, there’s no doubt that “I Don’t Want To Fight Anymore” will become a necessary listen for anybody who is creating a playlist that is dedicated to the trials and errors of the Gen Z experience.

Review by Lauren Peterson

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