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I Cant Lie- Fachy | Review

FACHY’s newest release, ‘I Can’t Lie,’ opens with what might just be the most beautiful guitar riff of all time.

Leaning into a granola-y, rustic, and folkish sound, this single emulates fan-favorite artists like Noah Kahan and Mt. Joy. This song is the perfect companion for a long summer hike in the woods, almost feeling incomplete without a fresh, cool stream of running water in the immediate vicinity. Beyond sound, ‘I Can’t Lie’ continues its lighthearted and freeing sentiment with incredibly sweet and refreshingly honest lyrics. With compassionate statements, such as: “And all my life I've told the honest truth / Yes the honest truth has brought me right to you,” this song takes feel-good to a new level– it’s good for the soul.

Andrew Facciolo, originally from Toronto, Canada, is the brains behind the operation that is FACHY. From the young age of only 12 years old, Andrew has been creating his own original music, pulling from indie rock, pop, and acoustic melodies as inspiration. He strives to portray his lived experience through his music, each sound and verse strategically illustrating a point he wants to portray. His music feels personal because it is personal, and he is inviting us to join him on his journey. With a full-length album projected to be on the horizon in the latter half of this year, FACHY is on the fast track to greatness. Absolutely an artist to keep your eye on!

Written By: Julia Brennan

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