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"I Am My Own" by Dune Moss | Review

On March 1, 2024, Dune Moss released her latest single “I Am My Own”.

The track starts with a slow and enchanting repetitive bass that draws the listener in. It sets a mysterious tone that makes the single feel very cinematic. Moss’s vocals contrast heavily from the dark and looming tone that the instrumental creates. This makes the song one that feels very paradoxical but necessary to be more of an uplifting song rather than depressing. With lyrics such as ‘I won’t give to you, not my soul to you/ My control to you/ I am my own’ the listener can feel the empowerment and strength that Moss returns to herself in whatever situation is being described. While much of the song is up to the listener's interpretation, Moss herself described the single as one that “reflects my experiences as a woman and is my cry to take back my sovereignty… ‘I Am My Own’ feels so powerful to me because I am speaking my truth, I am letting out the thoughts I was always shamed for and standing up for myself”. I believe this is an empowering song to be released by a woman for other women and no sooner than during Women’s History Month. I recommend this track to those who have been feeling lonely and needing words of encouragement.

The singer-songwriter currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah and describes herself as a real life faery. From growing up in a freeing and loving environment, Moss’s music reflects her life and story. The music she creates provides the same enchanting feeling she provides as someone truly living life to the fullest. “I Am My Own” is the first single to be released by Moss in 2024 and I personally look forward to seeing what this ethereal artist and being creates next.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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