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"Hurt U" - Devin Kennedy | Review

Los Angeles based Devin Kennedy already has quite a discography of cool, laid back Cali tunes, and “Hurt U” is no exception.

Having studied at the Berklee College of Music, he is no stranger to the music scene, and has even written and produced for artists like Alex Aiono and James Maslow. It is awesome to continue to see him step out as a solo artist in the past couple of years, and his latest track is a testimony to his strength to carry himself.

A gorgeous piano opens this track to the lyrics “Think I met you before I met myself/You were laughing and I was scared as hell,” setting us up for a gentle spiral into his lovestruck world where he lives in such awe of someone that there is, in his words, “nothing I would ever do/to hurt u” The breezy pop vibes make me want to blast this track driving down the PCH with the windows down on a sunny day, glance over at the passenger side, and lock eyes with that one person you can't get enough of.

Devin says, “Hurt U is about a person you love so deeply that you know that nothing could ever change how you feel about them.”

This track has solidified me as a real fan of Kennedy, and if he keeps releasing music like this, nothing he does will ever change the way I feel about him.

Written by Sydne Broady

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