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"Human" - Saint Djuni | Review

Saint Djuni’s “Human” immediately hits the listener with lyrics like “I’m broken down and I’ve lost my crown,” which feels especially relatable as the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic continue to persist.

While the energetic nature of Saint Djuni’s feel-good music isn’t the most ideal for a relaxing situation, it’s the perfect music choice for raising one’s glass and celebrating humanity’s flaws. This indie-pop track is guaranteed to lift up everybody’s mood and will make everybody want to sing along, even if they are unable to hit the impressive high notes in the chorus.

The positivity of “Human” is simply infectious and feels reminiscent of summertime freedom without sounding out of place on playlists focused on the upcoming autumn season. This atmosphere comes as no surprise since Clifford Goilo and Rasmus Viberg established this musical duo during the pandemic as a positive outlet. One listen to “Human” proves that their creativity has been successful and only makes the listener excited about what they’ll release in the future!

Review by Lauren Peterson

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