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‘Human’ - Jon Hill | Review

‘Human’ is Jon Hill's first single from his debut EP "Human". The song features Hill's personal vocals, accompanied by his fresh, yet classic production style. Explaining to the listener that people make mistakes, Hill creates a tranquil atmosphere with a warm analog timbre across the board.

With a sound cut from the same cloth as artists like Coldplay, Finneas, Conan Gray, and more, Jon Hill is making a statement with his forlorn lyrics and vocals. This gave me a movie soundtrack sort of feel from beginning to end. Hill has such great power in his lyrics. Simple words truly hit home when he says, ‘You’re only human/it’s all okay’. We all fall victim to cycles of self-blame. Maybe this song can help you next time you feel like you’ve made a mistake. Things get better so keep pushing.

When asked about his song and process, Hill said, “I’m super lucky to be able to write music in my home studio. I’ve got a one-bedroom apartment, but I made the bedroom my studio and put my bed in the living room. It’s really nice to be able to create at any time, so I try not to take that for granted.”

“This music is a reflection of me as my most honest self. I want the listener to understand that mistakes lead to growth.”

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Review by Hannah Schneider

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