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“Human (ft. Anthony Flammia)” - ONEDUO | Review

“Human” has an upbeat tune with a very relatable message.

This song is a love story. It explains that men sometimes do not see what is right in front of them which makes the person telling the story more special because they are not like that. It is obvious that ONEDUO truly sings from the heart and care deeply about who they are singing about which just makes the song and the band that much more enjoyable.

ONEDUO is an electronic music group formed in 2012 by Mike Scimeca and Steve Georgilis, two New York natives. Dubbed by many as “The New Boyband of Dance Music”, Mike and Steve joined together with a common dream of impacting the world with their music. After experimenting with new instruments and styles, they decided to release a track to set the tone for the summer of 2017, showcasing their new sound. Their love for producing and songwriting will allow for great success in the years to come.

Review by Ella de Castro

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