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“Howl at the Moon” - Robin Pigott | Review

The Scottish charm of these folky vocals makes Robin Pigott an instant charmer. “Howl at the moon” is the debut single from Pigott and rings true to the core of folk with intricate and soothing strings and the warmth of his vocals.

“Be sure not to rush when you howl at the moon”

His debut single, 'Howl at the Moon,' carries a profound message. It serves as a call to society to reconnect with nature and embrace the beauty that surrounds us.

This song is full of soulful melodies and introspective lyrics. The track starts almost like a sad love song that feels forlorn, but the song shifts as you build to the 2:45 mark. The instrumentation picks up and the music becomes warmer - rather than pine after a missed chance or rushing through life, it becomes an uplifting song of inspiration. From a simple guitar line to adding additional strings and filling out the song, this is a stellar introduction to Pigott and what he can bring to the folk scene.

Robin was born and raised on the shores of the west coast of Scotland. Apart from growing up in nature, Robin’s childhood was also coloured with music. “During my childhood, music never ceased to be heard throughout the house from morning to night. The likes of BB King, JJ Cale, The Stones, Jeff Beck, Nick Drake, Etta James and many more.”

Robin decided to begin making his own music and learning the guitar at the age of 21, following the untimely and tragic passing of his oldest friend in a canoeing accident. “It was a huge loss for myself and the whole community,” says Robin. “He was an inspiration to me and an incredible musician, and after he died, I wanted to honor him by learning the guitar.”

Review by Hannah Schneider

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