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"How You Feeling" -Bronze Whale x Sofasound |Review

Duo Bronze Whale released their second single “How You Feeling” off of their upcoming EP, Couch Mammals, a collaborative project with Sofasound.

The track starts off with a dreamy synth sound, which is very alluring vocals that repeat with the phrase “Tell me what you’re feeling” with various percussive instruments that help keep the vibes going. The single is one that is more instrumental heavy, however it never makes you feel like you do not understand what it is trying to get across. I would describe the track as one that is dream pop and electronic, however not at all harsh to the ears. I think this would be a great song to put on chill study playlists or even sleep playlists depending on what kind of specific audience is tuning in. The steady build up kept me entertained throughout the 3 minutes and 14 seconds and was able to not feel repetitive with constant new sounds and changes during typical bridges and choruses of other song structures. The single is definitely for those who are also fans of artists such as Verzache and The Chainsmokers.

Bronze Whale is a 2 member group that was formed in 2011 by Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley. The pair have been making music together for over a decade and have slowly but surely also conquered other various parts in the music industry such as songwriting, mixing, producing, creating their own album art, to also even opening up their own label Magic Magic in 2015. The duo are the definition of self-made. Bronze Whale member Jaques reached out to Sofasound several years ago and have since created many projects and collaborations together with “How You Feeling” being their latest endeavor together.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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