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"How To Make A Million" - Gold Spectacles |Review

The talented duo Gold Spectacles have returned with their latest single “How To Make A Million” on January 12, 2023.

The song starts with the vocals and drone-like synth. Slowly each instrument begins to slowly layer on the track, building until the chorus. The entire song is very dreamy, never straying too far on the vocal range, however far from being monotone or boring. The song kept me enticed the entire time, with fun little sounds panning in each ear that had me on my toes wanting to hear more. The track has a melancholy feeling, but remains hopeful at the same time, essentially being a perfect depiction of the beginning of a new year. I would recommend “How To Make A Million” for fans of similar enchanting artists like Japanese Breakfast, Mitski and quinnie.

Gold Spectacles hails from the UK, making all their music in-house, as well as even their artwork by themselves. The duo is the definition of self-made artists. After the release of their album “Gold Spectacles” in 2019, which was well-received by the general public earning spots on notable Spotify playlists as well as radio play, the group has only been on the rise. Other than making music for themselves, the pair have worked on tracks for other artists as writers/producers for CELIIN, Mysie, and SOFY. Gold Spectacles pushes boundaries with their baroque-pop, mixing electronic sounds and having them sound enchanting and redefining what electronic music actually is. With this latest release, the duo have only pushed the musical envelope even further.

Written by Ayesha Khahera

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