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How Do I Love You? - Indigo Starrcar | Review

Still hopeful, still in love with this person, but how do I really love you? How Do I Love You, the debut single from Indigo Starrcar, is a poignant pop ballad that questions the complexity of our relationships.

What keeps us holding on, and how do we keep holding on? The lightly-colored pop soundscapes underscore the troubling anxiety surrounding the pivotal question of ‘How Do I Love You?’

Originating in Michigan in 2019, Indigo Starrcar began as a pop duo between lead vocalist Bryce Gray, and guitarist/head of production Scott Posada. The duo later expanded to include Brian Cole on drums, and Johnny Posada on bass. Much of the band’s sound is formulated from an array of genres such as Rock, R&B, and Pop, but with a refreshing electronic twist that is entirely their own style.

How Do I Love You is a stunning debut from the band that evokes their effortlessly passionate presence. Gray’s vocals are sensually captivating, but with an essence of control that seems to glide over every phrase. The production is smoothly playful, but with a lush quality that envelopes the reverberation of Gray’s vocals. The single’s music video is a must watch upon the first listen, as the visuals are infused with a monochromatic gloom that illustrates the complicated emotions of the accompanying lyrics.

The promising debut from Indigo Starrcar reveals an exciting step forward in the world of pop music– a transformation that relies on a variety of musical influences, as well as an enthralling stage presence. The band’s multi-layered sound has taken a simple pop ballad, and molded it into something intensely emotional, but addicting to hear.

By Cassidy Copenheaver

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