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"Hot Hot" - Briana Piedra | Review

From the realm of alternative RnB and dark pop comes Briana Piedra’s new June 16th release, “Hot Hot”. Following her other four singles since her arrival to LA in 2021, “Hot Hot” arrives with more sugar and spice than ever before. Rich in rhythmic elements and smooth sultry lyricism, this track fully embraces its seductive side, introducing an ebb and flow that matches its hot pink cover art.

The track sinks straight into the intro with a transcendent underwater feel. Then the beat comes in as a deep pulse, paired with light airy vocals. The drop into the chorus is beautiful - quick and bouncy percussive elements playfully interact as simple lyrics glide overtop: “I need that need that”.

Then it breaks down into the second verse and starts treading lightly on the beat. The fluid lyrics help build the heat as the track gradually returns to its full chorus. Briana’s vocals are cleverly echoed and layered in the bridge to create a far-away siren song effect, until she closes the distance with “got me feeling hot hot”, and the final chorus enters, direct and powerful. More layering vocals help the song float away and leave its spice lingering behind.

Briana’s music is typically dark and introspective, and this single follows her previous releases like a breath of fresh air. But despite its uniquely brighter quality, her delicate voice and the wet bass remain signature elements of her sound. “Hot Hot” introduces Briana’s even bolder, sexier side and pushes the limits of dark pop.

Listeners to artists like Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello will be excited to hear Briana Piedra’s new single, “Hot Hot”. This track is the perfect addition to your Barbie movie playlist or poolside mix. Find this LA based singer-songwriter on TikTok and Instagram and listen to her music on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music.

Written by Cameron Nguyen

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