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"Honey" - CdR x Shiloh | Review

A song as sweet as its title, "Honey" is a beautiful lo-fi indie track that truly slows time.

A first song from a series of collaborations for CdR. Off of the upcoming EP "Endless Summer", "Honey" creates a peaceful and transcendent sound. Their first every collaboration, CdR and Shiloh create a calming and atmospheric blend of their sounds; EDM meeting singer-songwriter.

From CdR : "The endless summer ep is filled with tracks with features from different artists from different areas of the world. I initially created the instrumental for Honey about 3-4 months ago and came back across it whilst I was creating this project. I got in contact with Shiloh after hearing some of her music on soundcloud and thankfully she replied and fancied working on it. I really enjoy working with people from different sounds of music as they bring out a different creative side to my production."

CdR is a multi instrumentalist and producer from Wolverhampton in England. Having made music seriously for about six years, CdR is truly in music for the love of it. Having originally made more house and dance tracks his upcoming EP expands his existing musical stylings into something even more incredible.

Shiloh is a singer/songwriter from Nashville. Writing since I was 13 and she has always wanted to be a songwriter for other artists but also enjoys playing her own music. She plans to release everything she's ever written on SoundCloud -mostly demos- just to have a safe place for all of her music to live.

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