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"Honesty" - NYIKO |Review

Do you know when a song just makes you happy?

Of course, you do.

I bet you can guess what I’m about to say next…

“Honesty” by Nyiko made me incredibly happy. Maybe it was from the funky 80’s type beat or just the lyrics. I actually think it’s Nyiko’s voice. I really like it. With his voice and the instrumental of the 808 drums, this track sounds like it could replace the classic “Don’t You” by the Simple Minds in the ’80s defining movie Breakfast Club.

“Honesty” hits on any musical level, but the best part of the track is the exact uniqueness. The lyrics aren’t the happiest, but at the same time, the track makes me incredibly happy. Not many songs can do that. I can probably list the other tracks that are able to this with my fingers (that would be 10 for people like me who are bad at math.)

Nyiko explains that “Honesty” is a “driving indie-anthem for emotional over-shares.”...

Maybe a homage to the 80s way of music too? Just a thought.

In all, as usual, I really enjoyed this song, and have you seen that album artwork? It’s pretty dope. Definitely one of my favorites.

Nyiko is LA-based but his roots start in New England. Some of his music was written in 2014, during which he went through both a spiritual and creative metamorphosis. His bio states that his music “explores his idea of love as an art form.” That’s pretty cool.

What a great song. Check it out now!

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